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Client Testimonials

“It's as simple as this: Heather breaks up what's stuck, so that you can immediately see the horizon and move forward. The light turns on, your heart opens, and your brain starts to make connections it had never made before. I am a better leader and communicator - with a deep sense of happiness - as a result of my work with her.”

William Anderson, Founder / CEO of first beverage group

“Heather helped me understand that I could assert control over my thoughts, and how those thoughts affect me.  I now have the tools to present myself with greater confidence & dynamism.”

Kiran Paranjpe, Head of sports, Global partnerships at Google

“I’ve worked with Heather Hayward since 2005, in so many different capacities.  Personally, she has helped me focus at a completely different level.  She gave me the tools to not have to react & my life became much calmer & more purposeful.  Her work is really transformational, on many, many levels.”

Lavinia Errico, Founder of Equinox

“I first met Heather December of 2017 ... For the past several months, I’ve had the great fortune of attending her meditations twice a week.  During these sessions, I often find myself in deep contemplation … that can yield significant insight and clarity … It has become apparent to me that her unique guided meditations transcend all possible categorization, skill levels and spiritual familiarity boundaries. There are no age range, gender, color, political affiliation or meditation experience norms … Heather speaks in a language that is crystal clear and highly resonant regardless of where you started your journey ... A one-hour meditation led by Heather Hayward is quite literally one of the most meaningful ways to spend an hour that I’ve experienced in almost 47 years of life...”

Mike andler, VP of engineering, Silicon valley software group

“Heather Hayward is a gifted and insightful healer. She is caring, compassionate and loving, yet firm and professional in her approach toward emotional or situational problems. Her guided meditation technique is gentle yet profound in its results. I always looked forward to seeing her and felt very helped after every session. She is like a calming oasis in the storm.”

Dr. Howard Leibowitz, MD. FACEP

“After a year of working with Heather Hayward, I now have a foolproof strategy for every occasion: do whatever Heather says. She has taught me how to process every situation and emotion known to man, and a few that aren’t, in a manner counter to the one I was using before: cope, blow up, break down, rinse, repeat. The main thing I have to contend with now is how to live without constant stress and anxiety. No surprise, she has a strategy for that, too.”

Barbara Hall, Television Writer/Producer

“Heather truly walks on water! In my experience (both personally and professionally), Heather has the rare gift to help someone achieve his or her own ‘walk on water.’ Her thoughtful, humorous (sometimes side-splitting), and motivating approach has helped me to bring to life a very different side of myself. Having worked for many years as a psychotherapist and having been trained psychoanalytically, I particularly appreciate Heather’s capacity to blend the cognitive and the unconscious processes. To be able to understand the underlying internal forces that do not fuel growth can make the difference between superficial change and sustained success. I feel so fortunate to have worked with Heather! She is such a gift! I owe her so much more than I can express in words. THANK YOU, HEATHER!”

Caroline Kline, LCSW

“When I first went to Heather for coaching, I was lost and couldn’t find passion or focus in my life. I knew that I wanted to be my own boss and that I was tired of helping other people build their businesses instead of building my own. Heather helped me to hone in on my passions, figure out the things I love and gave me direction as to how to begin my own business doing those things. Her guidance and expertise have helped me to create a successful and thriving Healthy Foods personal chef business in just a year’s time. I continue to work with Heather as my business grows. She keeps me on track with my goals and constantly gives me new and fresh ideas for marketing my business to help keep it successful and profitable. Heather is a Godsend!!!”

Melissa Costello, Owner of Karma Chow

“If it’s ageless, graceful ‘NO SECRETS’ catalyst coaching you’re looking for, Heather Hayward’s ‘breath of fresh air by the beach’ operation is your stop. OK. Word’s to describe Heathzer’s process: on – it, professional, direct, engaged, introspective, inter – active, and a bust out. In a few month’s weekly hour long sessions, we’re identifying and confronting core concerns that are catapulting my life towards brilliant SUCCESS, both personally and professionally. Heather guides the whole person with her authentic and articulate repartee. I just can’t BELIEVE the speed and the progress. I’m richer in so many ways. I’d recommend Heather Hayward to any good friend who sincerely wants to change for the better, to bloom and to flourish.”

D.E.H. Artist, Writer, Entrepreneur

“Heather has the uncanny and brilliant ability to take a confusing and foggy problem and state it back to the client in succinct terms where transformation occurs almost instantly. She does truly effective coaching and anyone would be lucky to have her as their coach!”

Carolyn McCormick, Leader in Coaching

“When I met Heather I had huge career ambitions but was overwhelmed when it came to getting started. After our first session, I had a clear plan and very specific goals. With sensitivity and humor, she also gave me a much needed attitude adjustment! Working with Heather, I have become bolder and more positive.”

A. McNally, Writer

“Heather Hayward is a force of nature. She’s a great listener and a great motivator, but what’s most amazing is her eagerness to share everything she knows with you in order to bring about change in your life. Lucky for us, she has one of the best playbooks of anyone I know. She speaks from a place of great understanding and intuition. She believes in change because she’s lived it and seen it. If you’re ready to change, Heather will help you get there. Working with her is profoundly changing my thinking and self-perception, and I’m excited to see what other changes grow from our work together. If you get the chance to work with her, take it.”

K.B., Writer

“Heather has changed my life. Now, I know that sounds trite, but if you are open and ready for change, she is the tool to get you there. If you need a push and some insight into that inner voice, Heather is the woman to get you to think about what you REALLY want. Her energy and honesty are immeasurable. We had so many laughs and so many breakthroughs, I felt rejuvenated after every conversation. I achieved my dream because Heather helped me to recognize the steps I needed to take. She guided and showed me I needed to pay off my credit card debt FIRST. She helped me to maintain my enthusiasm for my goal through the rough spots. I learned I needed to be centered and nurture all aspects of my life to maintain balance even while going after my dream. I will be indebted to her forever for helping me along my path and I will always have our sessions to look back to when I need a little push. Thank you Heather!”

Cori T., Event Planner

“I had basically always approached most life situations (big and 
little) with fear and worry. Last year, when I went through cancer treatment and dependency on pain medication, I was desperate for a way to get through it all without that debilitating fear and terror. Heather’s coaching and support gave me specific techniques to use to conquer the horrific fear of cancer, diagnostic tests, and recovery from addiction. I’ve also been successful in using Heather’s techniques to conquer other fears in my life, such as freeway driving, studying art, and starting a new business. Thanks to Heather’s insight, knowledge, and skill in coaching, my life is now unfolding in so many exciting, and fearless, ways!”

Marsha Fine, Artist

“I used to be a waiter/bartender for 17 years of my life… I then began a new career for myself and was faced with some challenges. I had the good fortune of working with Heather as my coach thru a career transition… and the process, as well as the results were, and are, incredible. In order to break-thru some personal barriers of mine, I brought to our sessions the most intimate details of myself, and found that Heather listened to me without a personal agenda. Not once, did I ever feel judged. Her coaching was honest, firm, and delivered with deep insight, understanding and best of all… humor. I can’t believe it, but Heather actually helped me find humor in the issues I once thought scary and embarrassing. The environment she has created is safe and supportive. As for results, since working with Heather my income has increased by over $20,000 a month, and I am living the life I used to imagine. I HIGHLY recommend working with Heather to support you in breaking thru any barrier you may have, and living the life you really want. Simply put, Heather is AMAZING!”

Martin Ruof, Entrepreneur

“I’ve had a dream my whole life. With Heather’s expertise, that dream is now a reality. She’s been the missing piece to my life puzzle and I’ve tried many pieces with no success. We both made decisions, I did the work, and she kept me accountable. Easy, yet I could not have done it without her.”

Eric Erickson, Actor

“Heather is a tremendous asset to my life. Not only does she provide ongoing support, she also helps me brainstorm how to actually carry through with my ideas. When I first started coaching sessions with her I knew my life would change, yet I had no idea that I would reach such levels of organization and inspiration.”

Salle Redfield, Executive Producer of The Celestine Prophecy Movie

“My coaching journey with Heather Hayward has been a soulful experience. I have learned to deal with any emotional situation and most of all, to manifest the life I always dreamed of.”

Diane Smith, Business Owner

“I needed a coach who understood writers, but got much more. Since I’ve been working with Heather, my writing and focus has improved, but that’s only the beginning. Heather doesn’t let you stop at your intial goals. She helps you develop an overall life plan. I’ve already recommended Heather to all my writer friends and co-workers. I feel comfortable knowing that Heather is worth every penny! There isn’t a #1 benefit to going to Heather — it’s an overall benefit. Since working with her, I’ve never had so many areas of my life be under control and on track. I’m writing, exercising more than I have in five years and I’ve improved my employment situation. I’ve also discovered a number of possibilities to generate extra income that I didn’t even think I was capable of four months ago. Heather is a miracle worker! Coaching works for me because I need set goals to achieve, and I need to be accountable to somebody for those goals. I have ADD and I need to be kept on track. Heather keeps me focused better than my Adderall ever did.”

Romi Stepovich, Writer

“Before coaching, I was constantly paranoid and anxious of just about everything, but all this changed once Heather gave me the tools needed to overcome these fears. The most important tool she gave me is to use my own personal experience as a reference to get rid of my fears. Now after coaching, I have not had to deal with the constant fears because I have these personal tools that I never knew I had until my coaching with Heather.”

Andrew (16 years old)

“I was referred to Heather Hayward from a dear friend of mine in Los Angeles a year prior to when I actually contacted her around March 2005, boy do I wish I had sooner! Working with Heather was phenomenal in that with her ‘simple’ coaching techniques, she immediately helped me ‘unplug’ a negative thought process that was blocking my peace and success internally, as well as with other areas of my life. I had tried cognizant therapy, self help books, 12 step programs, self affirmations; all but short of medication to quiet my very loud mind. In as short as four months, I had been able to implement these new techniques and have been lead on a personal journey that by far exceeded my expectations! Heather helped me organize and utilize all of the information and knowledge that I had in a constructive, organized, gentle way. I have even implemented this information in my recreational pool sport and am getting ready for a big Nationals tournament in Kentucky. Heather, I am so GRATEFUL – thanks for helping me find and thus radiate light!”

Sondra L. Friestad, Business Owner

“Within eight weeks of working with Heather, I began to regain clarity in my life, balance, self value, love and respect, inner strength and direction of purpose. She has an uncanny ability to pin point and reflect back to me what was there within me, be it ugly or beautiful. Heather’s humor and down-to-earth personality is refreshing and is what puts me at ease. More so than anything, I value the ability to completely trust her to come into my shadow world, dance with me and bring light to it all.”

Tammera Ates, Business Owner

“I can honestly say that working with Heather Hayward has saved my life. Heather is honest, direct, funny, compassionate and amazingly right on target. It’s like she could see into my heart and helped me find my way back to my authentic self. With Heather’s help I found the courage to admit to myself what I really wanted and to follow through to make my dreams come true.”

Reiven West, Writer

“Behind every great athlete is a great coach and if life is the big game and you want to win, then only Heather will do.”

Trish Bowe, State Farm Insurance Agent

“The time she spent with me has made such a difference in my entire outlook and comfort level. I use her recordings almost everyday.”

Rebecca D., Student

“I have a secret known only to my close friends and family. I am not what I seem. The world sees me as a funny dynamic business woman capable and creative. The truth is that I suffer from panic attacks. I loathe taking business trips. I try whenever possible to get out of going. This spring I was staying with a friend at a hotel in a two bedroom suite. At about one o’clock in the morning my friend found me crouched in a chair pretending to read. Actually I was in the midst of a full blown panic attack – convinced that the room had not enough oxygen and I was in danger of suffocating. My friend said ‘I have the perfect solution.’ She went off to her room and returned with her iPod and put the earphones in my ears and told me to relax and listen. I thought a few dark thoughts about her lack of sensitivity. I remember a voice talking gently and the next thing I remember I woke feeling wonderful the ear phones still in my ears. This was my introduction to Heather Hayward’s CD’s. Heather Hayward is not my coach but luckily for me my friend is coached by Heather. I am now able to travel – iPod at the ready. Thank you Heather!”

Terri Sharpe, Business Owner

“It is with great and eternal gratitude that I whole-heartedly recommend Heather Hayward. After suffering several years of excruciating stagnation, in my first session under Heather’s wise and wonderful expertise I was immediately relieved of counter-productive guilt and shame, and empowered to quickly and easily finish what I had not been able to even begin. I now enjoy the process of creating my life, knowing who I am, what I really want and why. Today, I own a successful business, make more money in a day than I did in a week, work my own hours and truly and deeply experience joy in my life in every way. Today, I look forward to a fantastic future all thanks to Heather.”

Maria Parkinson, Business Owner

“I called you recently to ask for some new tools in my toolbox… to handle work stress better, to get new ideas to handle a few particular situations, etc. Heather, you give that to me. It doesn’t take long to talk it out and listen to your suggestions and direction. I really appreciate what you do for me! You are my personal hardware store! I know that sounds kind of corny, but that’s the easiest way I can explain it. Thank you!”

Kathy Sheen