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Guided Meditation Facilitator Training

Image for Guided Meditation Facilitator Training by Heather Hayward
Who is this class for?
Coaches and Wellness Professionals who want to add value to their sessions by becoming a Guided Meditation Facilitator.

Unlike year-long hypnosis/meditation training programs, this course quickly and effectively equips you, the working professional, with customized tools for their specific clientele, allowing them to actualize immediate shifts, insights, and awakenings in their own practices.

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Positioned To Prosper

Branding Workshop

This workshop is perfect for you if you are:

  • Going at it alone and longing for a second set of eyes on your brand messaging,
    positioning, and visual communication
  • Launching a new product or service and want to position it for success
  • Struggling with revenue despite having a solid product or service
  • Spinning your wheels after all the training you’ve attend
  • Exceptionally qualified in your expertise but lacking a strategic messaging

During this powerful weekend, you will…

  • Learn to clearly articulate the results your customers/clients desire
  • Create a unique vision for your brand
  • Learn to use tools to sustain the mindset for success
  • Uncover hidden challenges that may be crippling your business growth
  • Get real about where you are in the competitive landscape
  • Experience being in the creative “flow” without crossing over into overload and exhaustion
  • Receive 1:1 time with both Heather and Amy
  • Leave with an action plan and our exclusive audio to keep you on track
Image for Positioned to Prosper Workshop by Heather Hayward and Amy Demas

Crafting Your Future

Vision Bookshop

Let’s get creative…

This takes the old-school Vision Board and puts more layers of Neuro-Science into it. You aren’t making something that is going to be static.

Your vision book will inspire engagement long after our creative-playdate. The exercises and inquiries will be directed to the innermost part of you.

Sometimes wishes and dreams may at first appear to be surface, material or shallow but they will be turned inside out.

The underpinnings of the real you will come to light; you might even surprise yourself at how much fun this creative process is.
What to expect:
  • Dawn will lead you through easy to follow steps of discovery, no artistic talent required
  • Heather will take you on a few specifically tailored meditations to detangle the cobwebs and support you being in the flow
  • Have ample time for journaling and take breaks to connect with self and others
  • Special closing ritual to take with you
  • 3 weeks of ongoing follow up as a group
  • Morning and evening guided meditations to keep you engaged with your vision book
Image for Crafting Your Future VisionBook Workshop by Heather Hayward