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Self-Mastery Restoration  is a complete set of passive meditations infused with guided imagery and affirmations to help you:

  • Relieve stress
  • Renew your vitality, and
  • Experience a restful sleep

Refresh with Passive Meditations.
Rest with Deep Sleep Meditation

The beauty of Self-Mastery Restoration is its effectiveness in getting you to relax and/or sleep.

These Passive Meditations bring music, guided imagery, and affirmations into equilibrium. This is ideal for increasing positive messaging while focusing on mindful guided imagery.

These guided meditations will support positive thinking which helps you remain calm in any life experience and rejuvenate your soul through deep sleep. This audio series will make a positive change in your thinking by building new neural pathways.

Nearly 3 Hours of Guided Meditations!

Self-Mastery Restoration Track Listing:

  1. Unwind (30:00)
  2. Mini Unwind (15:00)
  3. Go To Sleep (60:00)
  4. Get Back To Sleep (60:00)


Self-Mastery Restoration Info


Why I created this:
In work and in life, we are constantly inundated with information, deadlines, and obligations that trigger our stress response.  This has a negative effect on our health, memory and decision making, so it is vital to clear your mind and body of this toxicity whenever it arises.  “Self-Mastery Restoration” contains “Unwind” which wa created with the purpose of relaxing, restoring and resetting the body’s nervous system to expel stress and usher in tranquility.

Why you love it:
Unwind utilizes calming affirmations coupled with unparalleled, healing music to bring you into a state of deep, restful and rejuvenating peace.  No matter what life is throwing at you in a given situation or time period, Unwind consistently guides you back to a space of calmness and clarity.

How you use it:
This track is perfect any time that you need reprieve.  Unwind can be used by professionals to clear their head before a big meeting, by students before a big test, to relax before going to sleep or generally as a tool for anyone searching to stamp out overwhelming and negative tension affecting their life.


Why I created this:
With the never-ending flow of information via email, text, social media and the harmful effects our personal electronics have on our sleep cycle, it is increasingly harder to turn off our minds and fall asleep at the end of our day.  Pressures and anxiety of work and life seem to creep into your mind just as you curl up in bed, leaving you staring at the ceiling, wondering how long until you finally sleep.  If this is sounds familiar, you are not alone and Restful Sleep is your answer for self-mastery restoration.

Why you love it:
Restful Sleep’s elongated, soothing, and gentle narrative meanders here and there, lulling you to the edge of wakefulness with softly spoken words and a dreamy soundtrack.  It not only works by bringing you to sleep in the moment, but retrains the brain to respond differently to the natural practice of tossing and turning.

How you use it:
This one’s easy! Use it whenever you want to go to sleep!



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