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Self-Mastery Inspiration is a complete set of affirmation infused guided meditations to help you break free of mental blocks and unlock the depths of your potential.  Whether you are seeking inspiration, motivation, success, and achievement, this audio series will make a positive change in your thinking by building new neural pathways.

Recharge with Active Meditations.
Refresh with Passive Meditations.
Rewire with Subliminal Meditations.

The beauty of Self-Mastery Inspiration is its adaptability to the modern lifestyle.

Active Meditations are affirmation dominant and designed to engage your brain consciously and physically with the affirmations of the given meditation.

Passive Meditations bring music and affirmations into equilibrium, optimal for internalizing the positive messaging while focusing on mindful relaxation.

Subliminal Meditations offer affirmations at inaudible levels, allowing your subconscious mind to receive the benefit of the affirmations, while your conscious mind can stay focused on other activities.

With the flexibility of these three delivery mechanisms, you can be sure there is a Self-Mastery Inspiration meditation that is suited to every mood and situation.

4 Hours of Guided Meditations Total

Self-Mastery Inspiration Track Listing:

  1. Be Still and Know (30:00)
  2. Be Still and know – Subliminal (60:00)
  3. Be Still and Know – Active (15:00)
  4. Experience My Goals (45:00)
  5. Experience My Goals – Reboot (15:00)
  6. Experience My Goals – Active (15:00)
  7. Experience My Goals – Subliminal (60:00)

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Why I created this:
Often times, you may find yourself feeling disconnected and ambiguous about your direction, purpose or place in life.  These empowering affirmations work to clear out the mental stumbling blocks inhibiting clarity of thought and retrain your brain to focus on what is and what can be.  The Subliminal versions deliver the same messages at volumes just below the mind’s conscious awareness, affording the opportunity to internalize the statements without the distraction of words.  The results we have seen coupled with the universal application of Be Still and Know have made it a top favorite among our customers.

Why people love it:
When you are stuck in a loop of negative and limiting self-talk, Be Still and Know will supply a much-needed shift in perspective.  By clearing out detrimental inner banter, it clears the space for and supplies the positivity and focused thinking needed to make constructive change.

How you use it:
Listen to Be Still and Know any time you need to get in touch with and focus your HEART and MIND.  This auditory tour guide will break you out of the shackles of doubt and worry and bring your spirit to a place of calming tranquility.


Why I created this:
Experience My Goals acts as a mini-coach between your ears.  These empowering affirmations fortify beneficial attitudes, thought patterns and habits that create success.  Included are a 15-minute track for when you need a quick boost of encouragement and a 45-minute track for when you desire a full motivational overhaul to catapult you towards your fullest potential.

Why you love it:
Experience My Goals starts by setting your mind up with vivid mental imagery that sets the stage for meaningful reception.  Then, powerful and targeted affirmations permeate your neural pathways, eliminating negativity and conjuring effective and productive thoughts and attitudes.

How you use it:
We suggest that you listen no less than 3 times per week to keep your mind focused and your goals in crystal clarity.  Visually picturing and feeling your success frequently with Experience My Goals will create new neural pathways in the brain, building your mind’s highway to success.


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