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Ocean Binaural Beat Enhanced is boosted with our specially crafted brainwaves.  It includes Alpha, Beta, Theta, Delta and Gamma frequencies. Think of this as “Ocean’s Greatest Waves”.

Meditating with binaural beats is one of the most effective and efficient methods to achieve optimal mental states and receive maximal benefit from meditation.

If you are looking to get fast and lasting results from your meditation practice, then Ocean Binaural Beat Enhanced is for you!


Ocean Binaural Beat Enhanced Info:

Why I created this:
Choices! We want every selection available in our library so why wouldn’t you? Think of this as “Ocean’s Greatest Waves”. Once you really feel the difference with each one you will be hooked.

Why you love it:
It is an audio buffet right at your earlobes. There are not many more calming sounds than the soothing pulse and constant white noise of ocean waves gently crashing on the beach.

How I use it:
From sunrise to sundown through all shades of emotion in between to create the mindsets they want. Since the full spectrum of binaural beat frequencies included, you have the ability to listen to Ocean Binaural Beat Enhanced at whatever time of day to achieve whichever desired mental state you desire.

It was recorded at La Piedra State Beach in Malibu, California.



Utilizing ALPHA frequencies promotes: Creativity, Concentration, Light Relaxation
ALPHA brainwaves release these Bio-chemicals: Acetylcholine, Dopamine: that regulate blood pressure, cholesterol, heart efficiency, emotional well-being, and growth hormone.

Utilizing THETA frequencies promotes: Enhanced memory, inspiration, Visualization
THETA brainwaves release these Bio-chemicals: Melatonin, Serotonin: that regulate hormones, sleep wake cycle, blood pressure, moods, and appetite.

Utilizing DELTA frequencies promotes: Deep REM sleep, Healing, Access to the subconscious
DELTA brainwaves release these BIO-chemicals: HGH (Somatotropin): that regulates metabolism, bone growth, and muscle mass.

Utilizing GAMMA frequencies promotes: Spiritual awareness, integrated thoughts, Compassion and cognitive function.


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