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Meditation Music Master Series I is the best music for meditation!

Why I created this: 

I couldn’t find good meditation music anywhere. For my clients to achieve optimum results, I needed a special kind of music I couldn’t find anywhere. It needed to not have a melody. It needed to not have a rhythm. It needed to not have any chord changes, and no way for the mind to pay attention to it.

That all seemed impossible until I asked composer Jonathan Beaudette to come up with something magical.  Well, he delivered something so unique, and beyond my expectations, I just have to share it with you. Meditation Music Master Series I is the perfect meditation music for meditation and guided imagery.

Music Details:

* 60-minutes of non-looped original music. C’mon, where are you going to find that?

* Your mind cannot keep track of what is happening in the music which makes it ideal for daily practice.

* It’s like laying in a sound hammock where you can gently slip into a sanctuary of open stillness.

* The music is tuned to the harmonic resonance of the Earth which allows for your body and mind to naturally feel balanced and rested.

* Used exclusively at Unplug Meditation in Los Angeles.

* Composed and Produced by Jonathan J. Beaudette


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