"I believe that true C.H.I. (Comfort, Humor, Inspiration) comes from within." - Heather Hayward, Immersive Experience Leader

"I believe that true C.H.I. (Comfort, Humor, Inspiration) comes from within." - Heather Hayward, Immersive Experience Leader

Immersive Experience Leader, Heather Hayward, uses simple – not always easy, but straightforward – tools to enable clients to gain clarity, move beyond fear and confusion to experience freedom, creativity and calm confidence. Over her professional career, she has served diverse clientele, from artists to doctors to Fortune 500 CEOs, with a special focus on entrepreneurs.

Since her start as a results coach in 2003, Heather’s original method of coaching combined with guided meditation & laser targeted inquiry has been foundational to her success. By utilizing guided meditation as a tool to facilitate deep contemplation, she quickly became renowned as both a results coach & guided meditation facilitator. Heather’s private practice has been a testament to her effectiveness and has been at full capacity with a 1-year waiting list since 2012.

In 2017, Heather Hayward went into business with her son, Hunter, to create The Guided Meditation Framework™ Together, they consolidated, boiled down and crystallized her over 40,000 hours of experience leading guided meditations, with clients & groups, into a systematized learning process.

Drawing on her pragmatic and battle tested approach, The Guided Meditation Framework™ is a no-nonsense online training & group coaching program designed to help professionals make a difference in the lives of others with guided meditation.


Heather is a Licensed HeartMath® Certified Trainer and a Licensed New Life Story Coach from David Krueger, MD.

She holds a 5-PATH® Advanced Hypnotherapy Training Certification, 7th Path® Self-Hypnosis Teacher Certification and a Master Hypnotist Certification from the Banyan Hypnosis Center; a Clinical Hypnotherapist Certification from Dr. Stephanie Jourdan; a Master of Therapeutic Imagery Certification from the Hypnosis Motivation Institute; a Thought Field Therapy Certification from Suzanne Connolly; and a Life Strategies Coach Certification from Carolyn McCormick.

Welcome, I’m Heather Hayward.

Over 35 years ago, I would have never expected to be what I am today, an Immersive Experience Leader.  As a fun-loving creative artist and professional dancer, I was living for the moment, making questionable decisions at times, but all for the sake of having a good time.  My passion, dedication and opportunities as a young dancer had me sure of my profession, life was simple and clear.  Until one day, I severely injured my hip, an injury that I couldn’t recover from.  My career was over and my dreams were crushed, and suddenly, what was once so clear didn’t make sense anymore.

I got quiet, fell apart, and slowly REALLY slowly found parts of myself that still lit me up inside. I followed my heart/intuition knowing deeply I wanted to help others.  I found massage therapy and as it turned out, I was pretty good!

The Next Chapter

I combined my body work with deep meditation, a technique that afforded me a 20-year career with a clientele stock full of some of Hollywood’s biggest names.  I was working a lot and the work was physically demanding, but it was fulfilling.  However, massage eventually took its toll on my hands.  I developed a pain in my thumb that I couldn’t escape from, and letting it recover meant I wasn’t making any money.  With a son in middle school and bills to pay, that wasn’t an option.

I became a Results Coach

I realized that being a soundboard for my clients had become a normal part of my massage practice. Many of my clients looked forward to our sessions for that conversational and advisory aspect.  Following my passion for helping others, I began the three-year transition to becoming a full-time results coach.  Ever since then, I have found my purpose in connecting people with their inner truth and launching them out of their hindering life experiences.

Getting to where I am wasn’t easy for me.  I fell into deep “manholes”, battled anxiety and crippling self-doubt, overcame my insecurities and constant overthinking. I was brought to my knees several times in my life.  But every time, I was redirected to my still small voice within and found a way through.

I am very real, no bull-poop.  I create communities, help people feel their feelings, and connect them to a deep safe place inside where they can go from confusion to clarity.